How AI video is revolutionizing video production?

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The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in video creation is a major revolution for the eCommerce industry. Every day, we see new AI solutions or models that make video creation easier.

Recently, Google announced a new AI Video solution called "Lumière". This paves the way for an era where video production, once expensive and complex, becomes accessible and simplified. This development marks a turning point for all eCommerce players. Video is a powerful tool to enhance the presentation of their products.

TOP 8 AI video solutions for video creation


Value proposition
HeyGen provides an innovative solution for quickly creating engaging videos using customizable avatars with automatic translation through artificial intelligence.

Impact of AI video
Using AI video to automatically generate videos from avatars significantly reduces production time and costs while offering a high degree of customization.


Value proposition 
Canva simplifies graphic design and video creation with an intuitive and feature-rich platform.

Impact of AI video
AI video enhances the user experience by providing intelligent design suggestions and automatically adapting templates to the user's specific needs, making video creation faster and more accessible.


Value proposition 
D-ID specializes in creating ultra-realistic videos using facial and vocal synthesis.

Impact of AI video
D-ID's AI video enables the creation of hyper-realistic characters and narratives, paving the way for unprecedented immersive and personalized experiences in the field of video.


Value proposition 
Runway offers cutting-edge image editing and manipulation tools for content creators.

Impact of AI video
With AI video, Runway enables advanced image and video manipulation, simplifying complex creations that would otherwise be highly technical and time-consuming.


Value proposition 
Aive focuses on data-driven video creation to maximize engagement.

Impact of AI video
AI video analyzes datasets to automatically tailor video content, optimizing engagement and message effectiveness with the target audience.

Discover the key features of the Aive solution in just 2 minutes.


Value proposition 
Rephrase enables the automatic creation of personalized videos at scale, ideal for marketing and advertising.

Impact of AI video
Rephrase's AI video generates personalized videos in bulk, enabling targeted and efficient communication at a large scale, a task that would otherwise be tedious and costly.

Hour One

Value proposition
Hour One transforms text into interactive videos with virtual characters, ideal for dynamic presentations.

Impact of AI video
AI video effectively converts scripts into engaging video presentations, reducing the need for video production skills while increasing content accessibility and impact.

Here's a demo video on how to use Hour One.


Value proposition 
Invideo simplifies the rapid creation of professional videos with a wide range of templates and editing tools.

Impact of AI video
Invideo's AI assists in video editing and template selection, making the creation process faster and tailored to specific marketing requirements, without requiring advanced video editing skills.

The impact of AI video on eCommerce

Product and service showcase

The use of videos enables a dynamic and engaging presentation of products. Studies show that videos increase consumers' understanding of products by 74%. They allow for a lively demonstration of product features, which is particularly effective for technical or innovative items.

Enhancement of conversion rate

Interactive videos boost customer engagement and increase conversion rates. SEO expert Neil Patel cites several studies showing that the use of video can increase conversions by 80% and purchase intent by 97%. Furthermore, shoppable videos showcasing products or services increase the likelihood of purchase.

Reduction in return rate

Videos also help in reducing return rates. By providing a detailed and realistic view of products, they enable customers to better understand what they are purchasing, thus reducing unpleasant surprises upon receipt.

Social media engagement

AI-powered videos are also a powerful tool for social media marketing. They enable the creation of engaging content that can be widely shared, thereby increasing brand visibility and awareness.

Engagement on social media

AI videos are also a powerful tool for social media marketing. They enable the creation of engaging content that can be widely shared, thereby increasing the brand's visibility and reputation.

SEO and web traffic

Videos have a positive impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Websites with videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. Furthermore, videos increase the time spent on the site, which is an important factor for SEO.

Concrete examples of AI video use

The use of AI-based videos in marketing and communication has become an indispensable tool for businesses. AI videos provide a dynamic and interactive approach to engaging customers. AI video technology offers a unique opportunity to showcase products and services in ways that were previously unimaginable. The video format offers a wide range of possibilities to create video formats tailored to the needs of each brand.

For example, product demonstration videos enhance the understanding of items, especially for technical or luxury products, by providing a clear visual overview. Customer testimonial videos, on the other hand, build trust and credibility for a brand by showcasing real and positive user experiences.

Finally, instructional videos are extremely useful, especially for software and electronic devices, as they guide customers through the steps of using the product, making learning and practical application easier.

The challenge for brands then lies in effectively showcasing these videos throughout the entire purchase journey of their eCommerce site. The goal sought by all departments (digital, marketing, eCommerce) is to improve the performance of the purchase funnel.

At Aploze, we have demonstrated that video captures attention and reinvents the way to present the value proposition of products. This major evolution in video brings a significant improvement in business performance: 

  • A minimum 15% reduction in bounce rate
  • A threefold increase in the click-through rate to discover product pages
  • An average conversion rate of 6%

How to capitalize on content created by AI video?

Aploze offers a unique Video Commerce solution that enhances the product discovery experience through live shopping and shoppable videos.

The various video formats we have developed serve specific objectives and improve the performance of the entire sales funnel, from bounce rate (top of the funnel) to conversion rate (bottom of the funnel).

Carrousel format

The Carousel format aims to promote the discovery of your products, allowing your prospects to enter the purchase funnel. Considering that the average bounce rate in Europe is 49%, it is important to incorporate engaging formats.

Single format

The Single format aims to highlight a shoppable video within a category page grid. Another benefit is to make your static product grids more dynamic. Therefore, with the help of video, you can bring out a product or product range that is often buried deep within your category pages.

Stories format

The Stories format aims to inspire and help your prospects make the right choice on product pages. The use of Stories is simplified as the format adopts the same principles as Instagram stories. Thus, you can highlight your commitments, maintenance tips, and even present your size guide in video to reduce merchandise returns.

Floating format

The Floating format aims to highlight strong news such as a new product or an exclusive offer. This format is deliberately intrusive to promote strong news with very good results: an average click-through rate of 7%. Thus, on all targeted pages, this video widget will attract the attention of your visitors.

AI video revolutionizes product value demonstration

The advent of AI video is a tremendous opportunity for the eCommerce sector. Artificial intelligence makes it easier to create immersive and rich content. This new way of presenting the value proposition of your products in video format is expected to have a significant impact on your company's business performance.

Your prospects expect eCommerce sites to adopt the codes of social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook... Why do you think video is the primary format used on these platforms?

In our era of instant gratification, video is the most favored format. Yes, it's challenging and tiring to read a one-page product description, try to understand your site's structure.

Adopting these innovative technologies is essential to remain competitive. With AI video and our Aploze solution, you are entering a new era: Video Commerce. Now, you have the opportunity to reinvent how you present your products to your prospects, to improve your conversion rate.

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