The experience of video
shopping in live

A product launch? An exclusive offer?
Create a live shopping event to unite and engage your community of prospects and customers around your business updates.

Engage your prospects
Generate sales quickly
Enhance your eCommerce journeys


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Explore, interact and buy

Thanks to live shopping, your customers discover your products in real-time, as if they were in-store.

Request a demo
Present your products
Let your customers buy products as you present them.
Reply to your customers
Interact with your audience by answering their questions live.
Reward your audience
Offer an instant win to attract the audience to your live shopping and give them the chance to win prizes.

Live shopping impact in figures


Average click-through rate on products featured during a live shopping

6:49 min

Average live shopping viewer watchtime


Average live shopping conversion rate

Maximize the impact of your live shopping experience.

Before, during, or after the event, these all 3 phases are equally important to generate audience engagement and boost sales.

Attract an audience
Use the pre-live phase to announce the event, attract an audience, and introduce the concept of the live shopping.
Capitalize on your traffic
Encourage audience participation
Overcome purchasing barriers
Enhance your product pages
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Manage your live with ease

Create, configure, and analyze all your live shopping events from a single tool.

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Product catalog interface - Aploze back-office
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Replay editing interface - Aploze back-office
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Personalize the experience

Logo, colors, typography, every aspect is customizable to best align with your brand image.

Analyze performance

Access and analyze real-time results of your live shopping through our analytics dashboard.

Synchronize your products

Find all your product catalog references thanks to our automatic synchronization tool.

Interact with your audience

Answering questions, conducting surveys, and instant wins: become a moderator and interact live with your customers.

Edit your replay

Adjust the start or end of your replay and customize the moments when your products should appear during your replay.

Adhere to GDPR standards

Specify how you want to handle user data while adhering to GDPR standards.

They experienced success with live shopping

Logo - Le Slip Français

Le Slip Français presents its live fashion show, taking place in Sauve.

The leading and iconic brand of Made in France, Le Slip Français, made waves on September 28th by staging a fashion show during Fashion Week. An exceptional runway event took place in the heart of the village of Sauve, which houses one of the brand's partner manufacturing workshops.

Following a pre-order campaign of 50,000 undergarments, its biggest commercial success, Le Slip Français demonstrates with this show that manufacturing in France is more relevant than ever, synonymous with modernity, strength, and success.

Logo - Canal+

Canal+ sells over 2500 subscriptions during a live shopping

During its latest live shopping, Canal+ went all out by inviting two renowned YouTubers, Pierre Croce and Benjamin Verrecchia.
And it's fair to say that the choice of invitation was not without result.

Logo - Adopt

Adopt makes a splash with the live shopping event for Advent calendars

From one calendar box to another, Adopt succeeded in captivating its viewers, gradually unveiling the hidden treasures of its three Advent calendars.

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