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Logo - Sideshow

Sideshow transforms the unboxing format into shoppable videos

It's been a month since Sideshow embraced our video shoppable solution, and its performance mirrors the quality of its renowned figurines.

Logo - Yann Couvreur

Yann Couvreur boosts online sales with shoppable videos

It's been 6 months now since Yann Couvreur uses our shoppable videos solution, and it has been a true success.

Logo - Magimix

Magimix finds the winning recipe with Video Commerce

One recipe per product and per shoppable video. This is currently what Magimix is offering on its website. The brand is using the carousel format to showcase its videos and has evidently found an effective strategy to make an impact on its visitors.

Logo - Jules

Jules achieved a record audience on his latest live shopping session

After his latest live shopping event showcasing his summer collection, Jules is back, this time with a back-to-school collection. And the results reflect a real comeback.

Logo - Le Slip Français

Le Slip Français presents its live fashion show, taking place in Sauve.

The leading and iconic brand of Made in France, Le Slip Français, made waves on September 28th by staging a fashion show during Fashion Week. An exceptional runway event took place in the heart of the village of Sauve, which houses one of the brand's partner manufacturing workshops.

Following a pre-order campaign of 50,000 undergarments, its biggest commercial success, Le Slip Français demonstrates with this show that manufacturing in France is more relevant than ever, synonymous with modernity, strength, and success.

Logo - Somfy

Somfy extends the live shopping performance with the replay

During its last live shopping, Somfy, one of the world's leading motorization manufacturers, unveiled its full range of products for gates. The question often arises: how to showcase your products to improve conversion rates?

Video emerges as the most effective means of communication. On average, a viewer's attention span for a text is 7 seconds. By comparison, for a video, this time can extend to 8 minutes, and even exceed 10 minutes in the case of Somfy's live shopping. Finally, it is noteworthy that up to 20% of consumers initiate a purchasing process after watching a video.

Logo - Canal+

Canal+ sells over 2500 subscriptions during a live shopping

During its latest live shopping, Canal+ went all out by inviting two renowned YouTubers, Pierre Croce and Benjamin Verrecchia.
And it's fair to say that the choice of invitation was not without result.

Logo - So'Cup

So’Cup launches its first live shopping and achieves €23,000 in sales

It was live from Dubai that So'Cup, the menstrual underwear brand, held its first live shopping event. Everything was organized to generate results: interaction, promotions, and contests. But it was above all the application of Aploze's convictions that enabled So'Cup to achieve such performance.

Logo - Adopt

Adopt makes a splash with the live shopping event for Advent calendars

From one calendar box to another, Adopt succeeded in captivating its viewers, gradually unveiling the hidden treasures of its three Advent calendars.

Logo - Orange

Orange Spain bets on live shopping for the launch of the Samsung S23

Live shopping has become a customary practice for Orange Spain when introducing new innovations, and this time, the Samsung product launch received an exceptional level of engagement.

Logo - Kids around

Kids around achieves €22,000 in sales during its live shopping event

Kids around has always believed in live shopping potential, but creating a successful live event is not as straightforward. That's why we offer personalized support to strategize, market, and create impactful live experiences. Whether it's in terms of live shopping or shoppable videos, they have embraced our advice, and it is clearly reflected in their results.

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