9 video formats to optimize your conversion rate

Influencer recording an unboxing video to boost eCommerce conversion

In today's highly competitive eCommerce landscape, static online catalogs are no longer sufficient to meet consumer expectations. Shoppers now seek dynamic and engaging experiences when making online purchases.

In this context, the conversion rate becomes crucial in measuring an eCommerce site's ability to turn visitors into buyers. In 2021, according to a study by Contentsquare, the average eCommerce conversion rate was 2.96%.

To optimize your eCommerce store's conversion rate, integrating videos is an essential strategy. Not only does it capture potential customers' attention, but it also enhances their online experience and reduces bounce rates. Let's explore the top 9 video formats that can transform your eCommerce site into a conversion powerhouse.

Demonstration: your product in action

Benefits for the consumer

Videos provide a detailed view of the product, showcasing its features, design, and real-life usage scenarios. They help customers gain a deeper understanding of the product beyond static descriptions and images.

Impact on conversion rate

An effective product presentation video can significantly increase the conversion rate. It reduces customer uncertainties and strengthens their purchase intent, as they feel more informed and confident in their decision.

Client testimonials: build trust

Benefits for the consumer

Customer testimonials in video format provide authentic social proof. When prospects see real customers sharing their experiences and satisfaction, they can relate and gain confidence in the product.

Impact on the conversion rate

These testimonials enhance brand credibility and trust, crucial for convincing hesitant customers and improving the conversion rate.

Behind the scenes : humanize your band

Benefits for the consumer

Behind-the-scenes videos reveal the inner workings of your company or the product creation process. They create a transparent and authentic connection with the audience by showing the human aspect behind the product.

Impact on the conversion rate

This type of video enhances trust and loyalty to the brand. It can improve conversion rates because customers feel more connected and engaged with your company.

Unboxing : unwrap the experience

Benefits for the consumer

Unboxing videos create anticipation and excitement by showing the product as it's received by the customer. They reveal the complete product experience, from packaging to usage, providing a comprehensive and engaging perspective.

Impact on the conversion rate

The unboxing format can drive purchases and improve the conversion rate, especially for new products or limited editions. This was the case with the figurine company Sideshow, which used unboxing videos to boost its sales.

Comparison: guide your customers' choices

Benefits for the consumer

Comparative videos provide a direct analysis between different products, highlighting their respective advantages and disadvantages. These videos help consumers make informed choices by presenting an objective comparison of uses, price, and other important criteria.

Impact on the conversion rate

Videos assist consumers in selecting the right product. They provide clear and concise information, optimizing the conversion rate.

User Generated Content (UGC) : let your customers speak

Benefits for the consumer

User-generated content, such as reviews, adds an extra layer of authenticity and credibility. These videos build a community around your brand and demonstrate that your products are appreciated and recommended by real customers.

Impact on the conversion rate

The authenticity and trust generated by UGC can significantly increase the conversion rate. Prospects are often more influenced by peer reviews than traditional marketing.

Storytelling : tell a story

Benefits for the consumer

Storytelling videos weave a narrative around your brand or products, captivating the audience with emotional or inspiring stories. They create a deeper connection with the viewer by evoking values or experiences they can relate to.

Impact on the conversion rate

By establishing an emotional connection with customers, storytelling can significantly increase engagement and customer loyalty. This can result in a higher conversion rate as customers feel more connected to the brand.

Inspiration : create a universe around your product

Benefits for the consumer

Inspirational videos motivate viewers by showing how your product can enhance their lives. They are beautiful and emotive, sparking customers' dreams.

Impact on the conversion rate

By tapping into desire and aspiration, inspirational videos captivate the audience and encourage engagement, leading to an increase in the conversion rate. Pastry chef Yann Couvreur leverages this format to showcase pastries and create desire on his eCommerce site.

How to integrate video format on your eCommerce website?

Integrate videos strategically on your website, including the homepage, category pages, and product pages, ensuring each video aligns with the page context for maximum impact.

For a more advanced integration, Aploze's shoppable video solution is an excellent choice. It allows optimal video placement without slowing down page loading times. Benefit from interactive and shoppable features on your videos and explore various display formats for seamless integration into your eCommerce site's shopping journeys.

With Aploze, you'll enjoy smooth video integration and an enriched, interactive, and shoppable shopping experience, turning every customer touchpoint into a sales opportunity.

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