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Yann Couvreur boosts online sales with shoppable videos

La Merveille - Yann Couvreur

It's been 6 months now since Yann Couvreur uses our shoppable videos solution, and it has been a true success.

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How to achieve these results?

All it took was videos to bring Yann Couvreur's creations into life.

True enough, pastries are first enjoyed with the eyes. Sharing his pastries through videos, hence, elevates the gourmet experience, making it even more captivating.

However, these videos go beyond simple visual aspect. Shoppable video, in fact, plays a crucial role in conversion generation, allowing us to add our favorite pastries to our cart into a single click, combining visually appealing content with an effective business strategy.

As for the Floating Highlight, it redirects your organic traffic to your shoppable videos by displaying a preview of a video on pages of your choice. This approach underscores a flagship product, such as 'La Merveille', while adding a lively touch to any page of the website.

Similar to the dynamics of social media feeds, the goal is to encourage us to linger over shoppable videos and recipes until we have only one desire: to order a cake or head straight to the store. The idea is to share engaging content that directly captivates users while integrating a strong commercial approach.

What makes the Aploze solution a real asset?

Floating Highlight: a tool elevating cakes to must-have status

The Floating Highlight stands out as a powerful tool to enhance visibility and conversion.

By integrating a unique HTML code, this widget enables you to showcase one of your shoppable videos on any page of your website, simplifying the process into a single click.

In summary, the Floating Highlight is easy to integrate; it captures a portion of your organic traffic, significantly increasing conversion opportunities for users while adding dynamism to your pages.

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