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During its last live shopping, Somfy, one of the world's leading motorization manufacturers, unveiled its full range of products for gates. The question often arises: how to showcase your products to improve conversion rates?

Video emerges as the most effective means of communication. On average, a viewer's attention span for a text is 7 seconds. By comparison, for a video, this time can extend to 8 minutes, and even exceed 10 minutes in the case of Somfy's live shopping. Finally, it is noteworthy that up to 20% of consumers initiate a purchasing process after watching a video.

Somfy key figures

10:28 min

Average viewer watchtime during live shopping


Total viewers (live + replay)



How do you get these results?

Keeping viewers engaged

To keep your spectators' attention, they need to know what to expect. That's why, right from the pre-live phase, the program is clearly laid out.

Thus, viewers are introduced to the 3 product packs that will be presented:

  • Star Range: Performance and simplicity
  • Essential Range: Standard and efficiency
  • Connected Range: Smartphone or voice assistant? No need for a remote control anymore!

Furthermore, it's essential to pique curiosity by announcing prizes to be won. Viewers had the chance to win a connected home package worth €800 and all had the opportunity to get a 20% discount on all gate motorization packs. It's important to reiterate these details from the pre-live phase without relying on teasing. The more explicit the approach, the higher the likelihood of attracting prospects.

However, engagement must also continue after the live shopping, especially when session time is shorter. With iAdvize's conversational replay solution, your customers will continue to receive guidance after the live, addressing any questions and easing purchasing concerns.

"Our collaboration with Aploze has enabled us to offer a new, immersive and interactive customer experience. Their support has been exemplary, and thanks to them all our live shopping events have been a resounding success!"

Alix Sauzede - SomfyAlix Sauzede, E-shop leader B2C - Somfy

What makes the Aploze solution a real asset?

Interaction that continues over time with conversational replay

The integration of a conversational tool enables visitors to engage in a conversation with an expert while remaining on the replay. Have a question? Need clarification? supported and advised by a human or artificial intelligence, thus removing any disincentives to purchase.

In general, replay obtains between 3 to 5 times more audience than the live. The integration of iAdvize messaging enables us to capitalize on this audience, reintroducing interaction to maximize conversion.

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