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Orange Spain bets on live shopping for the launch of the Samsung S23

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Live shopping has become a customary practice for Orange Spain when introducing new innovations, and this time, the Samsung product launch received an exceptional level of engagement.

Orange Spain key figures

7:29 min

Average viewer watchtime during the live shopping


Click-through rate on products during the live shopping

95.97 %

Engagement rate during the live shopping

What's the right strategy?

Featuring Innovative Products

Orange Spain was well aware that the Samsung Z Flip 5 and the Samsung Fold 5, two cutting-edge products, had the potential to generate significant interest. This prompted the company to organize a dedicated live shopping event for the presentation of these products, aiming to attract an enthusiastic and engaged audience. In the tech industry, product launches are always met with enthusiasm, as visitors seek to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Opting for live shopping for these products proved to be a savvy move. These two phones are anything but ordinary, as they address a distinct market demand. The Samsung Z Flip 5, in particular, delivers a unique experience, seamlessly transitioning from the compactness of a small phone to the form factor of a classic device.

In comparison, the Samsung Fold 5 transforms a standard phone into a mini-tablet, satisfying the needs of two very distinct consumer segments: on the one hand, fans of compact phones, and on the other, fans of larger smartphones. The live shopping broadcast highlighted the innovation, surprise and exceptional versatility of these products, considerably enhancing their appeal.

A true marketing and organizational effort

For clients like Orange Spain, who regularly organize live shopping, maintaining a certain consistency is of paramount importance. The brand places great emphasis on selecting speakers and filming locations.

That's why the same presenter hosts almost every live shopping. This consistency allows viewers to feel confident and get used to the format and flow of the show, which is similar to that of a television program. What's more, maintaining an image of continuity is just as crucial for the filming locations, which is why Orange Spain has studios specially designed for the production of its live shopping.

Thus, the strategy doesn't only rely on the content but also extends to the environment in which it is presented, creating a consistent and engaging experience for the audience.

Guiding viewers through steps

When it comes to live shopping, it's imperative to follow an organized structure, respecting key stages so that viewers can fully understand and participate in the event. After all, the main objective is to generate performance, conversions and, of course, a satisfactory return on investment (ROI).

  • Live overview: this involves a brief description of the products that will be presented during the live shopping. It allows viewers to get an idea of what to expect.
  • How live works: this step explains how to use the chat features and product click options, facilitating smooth interaction and ensuring viewers understand the process.
  • Announcement of instant wins and promotions: Orange Spain knows how to capture the audience's attention by offering highly attractive deals, especially during its 3 instant win moments. During these key moments, viewers have the opportunity to win high-value products such as the Galaxy Buds 2. The host intentionally withholds the immediate revelation of other available products, creating a sense of curiosity among the audience and encouraging them to stay tuned to discover what awaits them.
  • A second offer is then introduced, providing a 50% discount on both phones, available exclusively for the first 600 buyers. This strategy leverages a sense of urgency, encouraging viewers to act swiftly to seize the promotion. It's a powerful tactic aimed at reducing purchase barriers by highlighting the price factor.

"Through Live Shopping, you connect and build relationships with audiences in a communal way, engaging individuals who are highly invested in purchasing and interested in live content. As a result, the conversion rate consistently remains in double digits, sometimes reaching 15%."

Thibault Bonneton - Orange SpainThibault Bonneton, Director of digital & Telesales - Orange Spain

What makes the Aploze solution a real asset?

Conversion-generating features  


Our solution offers features designed to simplify your users' buying experience. During the live show, as the presenter mentions, viewers simply click on the product displayed on their screen during the presentation. However, there are other functionalities, such as :

  • Floating Player: video module that appears on the brand's eCommerce site during the live phase to capture some of its organic traffic and redirect it to the live shopping event.
  • Picture in Picture: widget that reduces the video on the brand's site when a viewer clicks on a product page from the live shopping and exits the experience.

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