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One recipe per product and per shoppable video. This is currently what Magimix is offering on its website. The brand is using the carousel format to showcase its videos and has evidently found an effective strategy to make an impact on its visitors.

Shoppable videos results

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How do you get these results?

Setting the scene

The more your prospects can discover the value proposition of your products through video, the higher the purchasing intent becomes.

For Magimix, it's only natural to leverage seasonal trends to whet the appetite. Therefore, with each new season, Magimix produces video recipes to showcase the brand's products and inspire home cooking. For instance, "Autumn risotto with the Cook expert".

This practical application helps to demonstrate the product's value proposition, and to play on your prospects' emotions and desires beyond the simple attribute of price.


As we all know, user paths are not linear! For example, on average, only 11% of visitors pass through the home page. To optimize the impact of video format, Magimix deployed the shoppable videos carousel on the home page, category and product pages.

These are all opportunities to present the brand's products with captivating video recipes.

"Aploze, with its Highlight solution, enables us to easily integrate video, which is the most favored medium among internet users and is at the core of our content strategy. This solution allows us to blend the best of content with a remarkable engagement rate and transformations in an increasingly seamless buying journey."

Geoffroy Franqueville - MagimixGeoffroy Franqueville, Chief Marketing & Omnichannel Officer - Magimix

What makes the Aploze solution a real asset?

100% customizable content

With our solution, you have the opportunity to customize your content to the fullest. Carousel, single Highlight: you can place your videos wherever you want on your website. 

  • Carousel: This format provides you the opportunity to display a playlist of shoppable videos within a carousel to encourage product discovery.
  • Single Highlight: You can place a shoppable video wherever you want on your website. The Single Highlight is also optimized for integration into your category pages.

Moreover, to make managing your videos even more convenient, we provide you with a scheduling tool that allows you to program the display of your shoppable videos on your website. This way, you can set a start and end date for each display in advance.

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