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Le Slip Français presents its live fashion show, taking place in Sauve.

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The leading and iconic brand of Made in France, Le Slip Français, made waves on September 28th by staging a fashion show during Fashion Week. An exceptional runway event took place in the heart of the village of Sauve, which houses one of the brand's partner manufacturing workshops.

Following a pre-order campaign of 50,000 undergarments, its biggest commercial success, Le Slip Français demonstrates with this show that manufacturing in France is more relevant than ever, synonymous with modernity, strength, and success.

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How to take on such a challenge?

The key role of production

For the live fashion show to be a hit, it was crucial to make a significant impact. The production aspect was therefore crucial to make this event a memorable moment synonymous with experience, authenticity, and Made in France.

  • Experience: everything was orchestrated to offer a unique experience: live singer, aerial shots with drones and guests in the colors of France.
  • Authenticity: aerial views of the town and the Sauve bell tower enhanced the brand's authentic vision, bringing the colors of France in every aspect of the fashion show.
  • Made in France: from French flags to spectators dressed in Blue, White, Red, everything was in place to remind us of Made in France.

The challenge was twofold: to please both live and online audiences. A challenge successfully addressed through flawless organization and production.

"Aploze support brought a technical and visual dimension to this moment, matching the grandeur of the most prestigious Fashion Week runway events. This held true for both the on-site attendees and the thousands of viewers who tuned in for the live or replay broadcasts."

Julie Arend - Le Slip FrançaisJulie Arend, Le Slip Français - Communication director

What makes the Aploze solution a real asset?

Reusing existing content

When a live shopping event is this successful, it's essential to capitalize on its content to extend the experience.

Take the example of Le Slip Français, which, after its live show, created Highlight - Shoppable videos to facilitate the exploration of looks.

To optimize Highlight's performance, brands can customize the display using:

  • Boosts: brands integrate tags adding information to their shoppable video (promotion, recommendation, limited offer, data collection...) aimed at boosting sales.
  • Floating Highlight: video module representing a shoppable video that appears on any page of the brand's eCommerce site. This captures a portion of its organic traffic to redirect it to all the shoppable videos.

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