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During its latest live shopping, Canal+ went all out by inviting two renowned YouTubers, Pierre Croce and Benjamin Verrecchia.
And it's fair to say that the choice of invitation was not without result.

Results achieved by Canal+


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What strategy should be adopted?

Influencer-driven approach

Inviting influencers like Pierre Croce and Benjamin Verrecchia for a live shopping event on Canal+ proves to be a wise strategy for multiple reasons. Firstly, these Youtubers have a loyal and committed audience, made up largely of young consumers active on social networks.

This allows reaching a broader and more diverse audience, increasing the live shopping reach. What's more, their experience in video production enables them to easily capture the audience's attention, bringing a touch of entertainment and originality to the event.

Finally, these influencers are known for their authenticity and transparency with their audience. Their participation in a live event on Canal+ reflects their confidence in the value and relevance of the channel's offerings, thereby strengthening the brand's credibility and their endorsement of the products featured during the live shopping.

"Today's live audience is no longer confined to TV. As we aim to develop new distribution models and increase our appeal among younger audiences, we had to embrace the codes of this target. This means being present on the platforms they use, where interaction is central."

Jérémy Derouet - Canal+Jérémy Derouet, Sales Director - Direct Channels - Canal+

Engagement through time-limited offers

Keeping listeners engaged isn't always easy, so what better way than to offer special deals, contests, and exclusive benefits to reward them for their loyalty and support? These incentives to participate are a compelling argument to maintain the connection with the audience, and Canal+ cleverly exploits this strategy. The repetition effect is used effectively in the channel's communication, whether on its pre-live page or multiple times during the event. During the live shopping, various offers were available, allowing for a variety of benefits offered to the audience:

  • 100% Flash Canal+: offer allowing you to pay your Canal+ subscription at only €15.99/month for 2 years
  • Instant Win: opportunity to win PSG/Bayern tickets.

Omnichannel, the importance of knowing how to guide your visitors

Many brands choose to broadcast not just on their website, but on several platforms at once, including their social networks.

Nevertheless, it's important to understand that a user won't have the same experience on a social network as on the brand's website. Indeed, subscribing to an offer is not possible on social platforms. To optimize ROI, viewers must be guided to the site. This is what Pierre Croce understood, as he repeatedly advised users to join the live on the Canal+ website.

What makes the Aploze solution a real asset?

Features that trigger conversion

  • Floating Player: A video module that appears on the brand's eCommerce site during the live shopping, capturing a portion of its organic traffic to redirect it to the live shopping event.
  • Instant Win: A native feature in the Aploze solution for creating and automatically managing a contest. In addition to maintaining attention, the instant win feature allows for data collection, first name and email, in a commercial retargeting logic after the event.

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